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Offline streaming: what it is and how it works

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Where online streaming consists of watching a piece of content right as it is downloaded, offline streaming, on the other hand, requires you to finish the download before you can press play. This is the case with some of the less popular and more particular market solutions, which nonetheless may appeal to a certain type of user with special needs.

Let’s say the case of a user who has a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays, but did not want to find himself having to insert the disc into the player each time: he could rip them so he could keep everything in a local NAS system connected to a mediaplayer or computer. In this case, the choice of choice for us at Ultra Experience falls to the French Zappiti, a brand of extremely versatile and powerful players, capable in good measure of displaying any existing and future format.

Mediaplayer Zappiti

This is a series of top-of-the-line Android set-top-boxes, with support for 4K-HDR, DTS:X, Dolby Atmos and automatic frame switching, equipped with many connections. The latest models easily read and play back 10-bit Ultra HD resolution video in HEVC or VP9 format up to 60Hz, or streams encoded with the most exotic combinations of audio-video codecs, including advanced technologies such as HEVC-H.265 or and Dolby TRUEHD/Atmos or DTS-HD.

The final quality is on average even higher than the original, thanks to proprietary MagicPixel technology that takes care of improving video quality through filters and the use of artificial intelligence.

Content can be uploaded to pendrives, hard drives or network drives, made available over WiFi or Ethernet: all major network protocols from DLNA to SMB (Windows and Mac) are supported, including FTP, AirPlay and ChromeCast.

The use of NAS enables the creation of redundant solutions that protect data integrity, and prevent loss of the content library even in the event of failure.

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