11 reasons to set up a home theater in your home

Engaging, immersive and exciting, cinema provides an ideal mode of entertainment for spending quality time with friends and family, and experiencing something new together. The pandemic, however, has exposed some of the critical issues of large theaters, and has fostered the success of the home theater phenomenon, i.e., movies at home.

And the truth is there is nothing better than watching a movie on the big screen, in the comfort and intimacy of home, with all the amenities and technologies you want, and in the right atmosphere. In short, if you, too, are part of that 70 percent of people who claim to prefer watching movies right out of your home, forget about the tiny screen of computers and electronic devices, and do it at the highest possible level.

Here are 11 reasons why making a home theater now should be at the top of your priority list.

Advantages of home theater

1. Best Quality Cinema

Movies are a popular pastime, but not all viewing experiences are equal. It’s one thing to watch a movie streamed on a cell phone display, another on a 70″ TV, and yet another on a 100+” projection screen with a Dolby Atmos sound system and comfortable seats.

With a home theater, you can recreate a unique experience tailored just for you. From the projector to the movie screen, from the speakers to the style and type of seating, you can create from scratch the perfect cinema for you to enjoy whenever you want.

In fact, the visual quality is better than that of traditional cinemas. Did you know, for example, that most large theaters still adopt much lower resolution than home systems? No video artifacts or problems: when you build a home theater, you can be sure that the visual quality will always be impeccable.

2. Freedom

When you create your home theater, you can actually tailor it to your needs to the hilt. You have total control, from projection times to the type and quality of snacks. You also invite only friends and family, eliminating the background noise, rudeness and chatter that you often experience in large theaters.

And it’s more hygienic, too, because the chairs are really clean and smell good. And no sticky floors. You want to put in?

3. Increased Security

Whenever you go to very crowded places, you expose yourself to the risk of coming into contact with viruses and bacteria, and going to the movies is no different. Now that we have rediscovered the pleasure and safety of spending time at home, a home theater is the perfect solution, because it allows you to stay safe in the comfort of your own space, in the company of people you know and trust.

In short, everything is much more intimate and relaxing.

4. Total Control

Perhaps you have sometimes found yourself thirsty or needing to go to the bathroom, but unable to do so because you would miss an important scene in the movie. With Home Theatre this problem is definitely solved.

You can pause whenever you want and at the exact point you want. And if there is a need to go back a few minutes, turn the volume up or down, adjust the lighting, or interrupt the viewing to resume it the next day, no problem. You are the king of the theater, and the remote control is your scepter.

A cinema of your own adapts to your needs, and not the other way around. The options available to you are literally endless. And you really can choose every detail, from the audio-visual equipment through the upholstery of the seats or the color of the walls.

5. Comfort

The cinema requires you to go out, see other (sometimes noisy) people, find parking, queue for tickets, and have to squeeze into situations that are not always relaxing. A movie theater in your own home simplifies the process and makes everything significantly more convenient.

You will no longer have to get annoyed if someone texts on the phone or talks to a neighbor. In addition, you will always be guaranteed the absolute best seats, with the best food and snacks.

6. Customization

Another advantage of having a home theater is that you can customize it according to your needs and tastes. If you have specific medical needs, you can use recliners or chairs with certain features; or if you prefer, you can choose sofas, beanbags, pillows and blankets to recreate your idea of comfortable coziness.

You can install a sound system configured to the point to achieve optimal acoustics, and a video system to meet your needs. You even have the flexibility to choose the layout of the room and elements. And the number of seats.

And the front-row seat is always yours.

7. Gaming & More

Home theater does not only mean movies. It is also perfect for watching traditional TV, documentaries, games, events and concerts, and even video games.

It means being able to see the players of your favorite team life-size, your favorite performer in front of your eyes as if he were singing just for you. It’s even better than the front row-it’s kind of like sitting directly on the performer’s stage or in the middle of the action on the soccer field

8. Increases Home Value

A home theater can also be an excellent investment because it is a type of intervention that increases the value of a home and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. It is something that appreciates in value over time because, although on the one hand technology advances inexorably, systems and devices are modular; in other words, after the first major initial investment, then it is much easier to upgrade systems and always have the highest quality.

In short, creating a top-notch space in your home is an investment in time and money that will pay for itself over time.

Indeed, now that more and more people are evaluating home theater, having one inside your home could be an added attraction. And it could help you close a possible sale sooner.

9. A Touch of Luxury

The level of customization you can achieve with a home theater allows you to imprint it with a touch of luxury that sets your room apart from all others. It’s not just a status symbol-it’s a flicker of personal flair that results in an improved quality of life.

10.  Family Quality Time

Now that everyone has his or her own personal screen (smartphone, TV, tablet, and computer), there is a distinct impression that we live under the same roof but no longer really share time together.

The truth is that we are physically close but somehow isolated and distant. A home theater, on the other hand, can bring back that sense of sharing that once existed when there was only one TV in the house. It provides an opportunity to talk about what to watch, enjoy the same movie, and finally tell each other about experiences, doubts, and observations.

A home theater has the potential to become a weekly family event.

11. Entertainment & Socialization

A home theater should not be limited to entertaining just you and your family. For the same reasons as in item 10, it is also a perfect entertainment and social space in which to host friends, colleagues, and family.

Because it is multifunctional by vocation, you can take advantage of the home theater in an infinite variety of contexts and occasions. It is an ideal medium for creating moments of romance, and it is also the lifesaver of evenings if it is raining outside.

And if you add dinner or pizza to the Home Theater, there goes a virtually perfect evening.

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