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Home Theater: Choosing and placing sofas and armchairs

Home Theater: Scegliere e posizionare divani e poltrone

Audio and video turn out to be very important, but they are not the only component to keep in mind when designing or updating a home theater or media living room. There are other minor components that, collectively, contribute to the perfect enjoyment of the seventh art. Things like ultra-comfortable chairs, for example, but also mood lighting and beauty accessories.

Media Living Room Sittings

Divano Media Living Room

When designing a Media Living Room, the sofa nine times out of ten is already there; often we are talking about a three or more seater in front of the TV or projection screen, and other armchairs nearby. A renovation or entry to a new home, however, might provide the ideal opportunity for somewhat more focused purchases; in any case, it’s a good idea to choose solutions that are large, comfortable and have peninsulas; preferably with reclining mechanisms to elevate the feet. Every bit of extra comfort is a bonus.

Home Theater Sittings

Poltrone Home Theater

In the case of dedicated rooms, however, there is usually more leeway, and that is good; the average configuration includes 2 rows of 2-seat seats, but also 2 rows of 3 seats, or 3 rows of 3 or 5 seats, depending on the space available. To enjoy a superior entertainment experience, the optimum is to artfully design the space and seating in the room.

Many people think that placing a sofa or a couple of armchairs on the back wall or in the middle of one’s home theater is enough to guarantee the best possible acoustics; instead, this is a glaring mistake. Low frequencies, in fact, tend to concentrate on the walls and dissipate in the middle; but more importantly, the best positions for viewing and listening depend on the number of seats to be implemented, the size of the room, the width of the display, and the number and placement of speakers. That is why careful planning remains the best way to truly enjoy the show.

The market offers a gigantic selection of dedicated home theater seats: there are ones with USB ports for phone charging and cup holders, recliners and motorized ones, with built-in refrigerators and lights, but they all have the same common feature: comfort. Don’t just call them armchairs; they are clouds in the ground, designed to relax the body from head to toe, regardless of whether you want to sit, semi-supine or even completely lie down. Basically, they are created to make it unnecessary-and undesirable-to get up from there.

Made mostly of leather or faux leather and very voluminous and well upholstered, the armchairs can be single or double, and it is often possible to set them in horizontal sequences, with a single armrest dividing them. This makes it possible to create a true custom single- or multi-row cinema right in one’s own living room. And while they may perhaps be a bit excessive in the living room, they are the lowest common denominator of all home theaters around the world.

The recipe for the perfect home entertainment experience? A little technology, a little comfort, a little style.

In other words, every buyer knows that it is not just a matter of choosing the most comfortable sofa, but more importantly of recreating the ideal environment. Indeed, it is this that allows you to get into the right mood, and make the atmosphere genuinely engaging and exciting. Choosing the right seat, declined according to one’s tastes and modulated to the rest of the furniture, is the key.

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