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Ultra Experience was born on 2017 of an idea by Roberto Dalla Valle , architect, interior designer and IT consultant, expert on Apple Products and always intereressed in the world of Technology and Entertainment.
The project was born out of the passion for interior design, audiovisual, technology and IT. It has granted the opportunity of putting into practice all the expertise acquired in more than thirty years of experience
Working side by side with Apple specialists, He started to experiment with amplifiers, Apple Tvs and speakers creating an amazing demonstrative Home Theather .
For Ultra Experience, the architect Roberto Dalla Valle personally takes care of:
  • Design: Every client have diferent expectations, that are calibrated based on the pre-chosen project and the avaiable installations: Media Living Room or Home Cinema Room
  • Modeling : Creation of precise 3D models of the room, utilizing cutting edge and CEDIA certified software.
  • Calibration and Adjustments : Every Home Cinema needs three distinct moments. After the room's design and construction, it's necessary to calibrate the system, so as to obtain the maximum possible performance. It's like a trial run, but made to perfection.
  • Home Automation: After finishing the system, it would be a shame to not exploit it for everything else. For example, to control every aspect of the house lighting and security systems with the most recent home automation technology.
  • Demo Room: Ultra Experience have one of the few permanent Dolby Atmos rooms in Italy, where you can request a private and personalized screening, so as to grasp all the possibilities of the desired project.
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Ultra Experience is a proud member of the prestigious international association CEDIA

CEDIA is short for Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association and is the association that brings together over 3,700 companies around the world operating in the design and installation of electronic systems for home automation. Its members include manufacturers, designers and integrators of smart home systems solutions.

The association takes care of and safeguards the passion for high-level audio and video technology, providing training and development courses that allow the best technologies and practices available on the world to be known and marketed.

When you contact a CEDIA certified company for your interior design, Home Theater or home automation, you are sure to always get design excellence, in-depth technical knowledge and the best customer support on the market. In fact, all the technological solutions of the CEDIA partners allow you to live engaging moments and an unique and immersive experience, just like at the cinema but in the comfort of your home.

CEDIA means peace of mind and guaranteed results. All thanks to a growing community of home technology professionals , work groups, online forums, fairs and more.

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